Our production process

Specific machinery helps collect olives in a semi-manual way.

Within 12/24 hours from collection the olives are turned into extra virgin olive oil through a three-phase centrifuge machinery with knives.


What is our "BLENDED"?

Blended is the oil obtained from mixed olives.

In order to meet the demands of our customer, we produce a customized Blended by mixing different types of monocultivar.

As a result, we obtain a high quality oil, possibly with slightly less marked features.

What are our "MONOCULTIVAR"?

A Monocultivar is an oil obtained from just one variety of olive tree (cultivar).

There’s a great variety of olives depending on their origin and geographical position. Each type has its own features based on specific plant, sun exposure, climate and geographical position.

Harvesting is therefore a delicate moment to be started at the right ripening time on the basis of the type of olives.

As a result, we obtain a unique oil with specific features.