Bruschetta with oil


Since yesterday I spoke of the remarkable prerogatives of the good new olive oil, I could not help myself from preparing me for a delicious bruschetta for dinner tonight to fully feel the fullness of this millennial product that so much health brings us to the table.
Bread was not a problem, what you see in the picture is what I prepare for my family with my starter pasta for twenty years, from time to time I like to change a little formula and this time I tried to add in the dough also flour Hemp seeds.

For various reasons, meanwhile for the curiosity to try it in a dough made for me so intimate as is the bread I usually do at home.
Then because I wanted to raise the protein quota and the Hemp seed flour, which has so many prerogatives of its own which maybe I’ll deal with another post, the percentage is significantly high.
Lastly, the curiosity to see how the taste of bread could improve or stand out from the other combinations tried and I must say that her strong personality has come out so much to make me realize that it is better not to abound too much with her presence as much as pleasing.

But in fact it was not the bread I wanted to talk to you about, but the oil I have tasted in this sublime and delicious manner thanks to this companion.

The chance would have it, the friend and talented producer Lorenzo he just sent me a sample of his new oil production 2 days ago with the metaphorically still hot oil as it was freshly pressed.
So it was his oil to finish on the bread and all the best of this seasoning came out with the awareness as I tasted of all the excellent health prerogatives in the document of the Italian Biologists that I presented yesterday.

I have chosen for this tasting a Coratina, you must know that it is usually of typical of Puglia origin, but here it grows extraordinarily even in the beautiful and fascinating lands of Castelfidardo in the Marche where Lorenzo, the producer friend, lives.

It is an oil that makes it hard to describe how good it is, then just born new is something as excellent as so many other excellent oil producers that I am fortunate to know in person.

On my hemp bread this magnificent Coratina made me feel all the intense fruity of the olives that seemed to embrace the almonds just picked.

The well-balanced spicy was in harmony with all the other hints, a tasting full of satisfaction and thought that sometimes is so little to feel in heaven.

A good slice of bread, hot, crisp, crunchy and the best seasoning in the world!!!

Chef Giuseppe Capano

Crakers with grano saraceno and rosmary

Ingredients:crackers senza glutine

  • 350 gr mix bread
  • 20gr rice flour
  • 30 gr buckwheat flour
  • 20 gr Extravirgin Olive Oil Olio Poldo Monocultivar Leccino
  • 10 ml of vinegar (white)
  • A teaspoon of dry yeast
  • Salt to taste
  • 6 gr of rosemary
  • 180 ml of water

Method of cooking

On a planetary put water, vinegar(white) and Olio Poldo oil. Mix for one minute and then add the previously floured flours with rosemary and yeast.

Blend for a few minutes and, just like last step, add the salt. Knead until smooth, homogeneous and soft compound is obtained. At this point wrap the compound in a pellicle and let it rest for a couple of hours.

Spend 2 hours of rest, spread the dough with the aid of a roller coaster and create a sheet of about half a centimeter thick.At this point create rectangles for pleasure and, with a fork, create holes on both facades. Bake at 175 ° C for 12 minutes.

Chef Carlo Le Rose

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