Rosso Conero wine vinegar

Made with organic grapes

Our vinegar is produced in an area called Finestre Rosse di Camerano (AN) with Montepulciano grapes.
Right exposure, organic agricolture and respect of nature are the elements that give birth to an extraordinary grape.

A part of Rosso Conero wine is used to produce this vinegar and it’s added to a 50 year older part called “mother”. This is a traditional method used in Marche region.

Natural acidification without artificial preservatives and food colouring.

Aged for at least 6 months in iron vats.

Organoleptic properties:

Colour: Purple red, full and glossy.

Aroma: Intense, persistent and pleasant.

Flavour: Dry, just few drops will add a special touch to your dishes.

Acidity: 8,5

Food matchings: cooked vegetables or crudités, seasoning requiring vinegar, sauces for boiled and roasted meat.

Sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml