How to recognize a quality extra virgin olive oil

Let’s learn in a few easy steps to recognize the features which allow us to say that the oil we are tasting is a quality oil.

To recognize the quality of an extra virgin olive oil You must first rely on the smell and the taste.

The look doesn’t matter because the color of the product does not affect the quality: the oil can be yellow or green, this will not affect anything.

Be careful not to confuse quality with genuineness: an artisanal oil can be zero mile, genuine, but not necessarily extra virgin.

Before smelling and tasting the oil you have to put it in a glass and heat it up with your hands: the ideal temperature should be around 28 °C.

Good oil should have a pleasant and determined scent; to notice the difference we can compare it with an oil purchased at the supermarket (also of a well-known brand).

Then we can put some oil right in the mouth (not on the bread!). The first sensation that will warn, if the oil is of high quality, is that of a bitter and spicy taste.

We will feel a light itching in the throat, but this is caused by the presence of antioxidants contained in the oil.
In fact, the stronger the sensation of spicy felt in the mouth, more oil is rich in polyphenols.

For proper tasting it is important to keep your lips tight and clenched teeth: sucking air through the teeth, at regular intervals we allow the aroma to evaporate and to enter into direct contact with the taste buds.

After about 20-30 seconds we can spit the oil paying close attention to the aftertaste and the feeling that leaves us in the mouth: a good extra-virgin olive oil must have a strong but pleasing taste and a feeling of clean inside the mouth.

Obviously before tasting it is important not to take food and do not smoke for at least half an hour.
Also, since smell and taste are tightly bound we must ensure we have the nose free and not be suffering from cold or other pathologies that might affect the taste.

From this experience we realize that bitter taste and the spicy we perceive after tasting Poldo Oil is to be considered a valuable factor which indicates the high quality of our extra virgin olive oil.

Following these simple steps before choosing an oil to buy or give away you can judge yourself the taste and the quality!


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