Extra virgin olive oil, the best for fry

Why use Poldo Oil not only for seasoning, but also for frying the food.

In addition to season the food, the extra virgin olive oil is also the best to fry them. Let’s see why.

First of all this type of oil is the only one which is obtained exclusively by mechanical procedure, without solvents or other chemicals.

As for this type of cooking It is important to observe the smoking point of oil, that is, the exact point where it evaporates.

Since the oil’s molecule is complex, it’s denatured by heat and, after losing its original shape, it tends to take a different form that we don’t know exactly, nor do we know how harmful it can be to health.

In worst cases it can also be carcinogenic.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Scientific journal of the American Chemical Society, has published a study from which one sees olive oil has a higher smoke point than the others and therefore best to withstand heat.

This means that olive oil not only keeps intact its beneficial properties, but it also affects much less the food during cooking.

To carry out the experiment, the researchers used four different types of oils: extra virgin olive oil, corn, soy and sunflower.

Very different smoking points have been found. For example, sunflower oil and soybean oil reach evaporation at 130 ° C, While oil of corn at 160 ° and oil of peanuts at 180 °. Olive oil reaches 210 ° C.

Differences between smoke point's most common oil

During the cooking if the temperature is lower than the smoke point, the fat degradation is still evident.

Actually, when the oil begins to become dark it has to be thrown away and changed.

It’s good to keep this in mind and observe them for the sake of safeguarding our health.

It’s true, using olive oil to fry can be more expensive, but it’s definitely better to reduce the frequency with which we frying rather than the quality of the product we use.


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