The oil properties

What are the properties of an extra-virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most important food of mediterranean diet, decleared as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

Which are the properties that make it so precious for our diet and especially for our health?

First of all, extra virgin olive oil can almost be regarded as a “medicine”.

Indeed, many studies1 have shown the beneficial effects it has on our body.

For example, the antioxidant effect is closely linked to the presence of polyphenols, who are responsible for the characteristic bitter aftertaste that is felt in a quality extra virgin olive oil.

The oil properties useful to consider it a quality product are: bitter, spicy and fruity.

Olio Poldo’s oil have all these qualities.


That is to say that since oil is the product of squeezing olives, it must retain its flavor.

Depending on the degree of ripening of the fruit, it distinguishes the fruity “green”, obtained from freshly matured olives, from the fruity “ripe”, obtained instead from fruits with a higher degree of ripening.

Bitter is the characteristic of the oils obtained from green or just mature olives.
It testifies to the presence of polyphenols, substances from the beneficial antioxidant effect.

This precious feature is often confused with a defect in production or conservation.

On the contrary instead, is the index of a high quality product.


The spicy indicates the use of green olives rich in phenolic compounds. Never confuse it with acidity!

This characteristic is especially felt in the throat, while the sensation that you have to feel in the oral cavity is freshness and cleansing.

The bitter is the spicy are therefore the spy of polyphenols, natural antioxidants contained in the oil.

The smell can help us recognize other positive attributes which uniquely characterize the different types of extra-virgin oils.

Coratina and Picholine monocultivar are "strong" fruity oils, it means that fruity feature is sharp. But, while in Coratina bitter and spicy are stronger than fruity, in Picholine fruity is higher than spicy and bitter.


Fruity is another feature of the extra virgin olive oil properties.

The aromatic notes that we may experience correspond to the herbaceous, vegetable and floral type.

They remember it the smell of freshly cut grass, herbs, flowers, tomatoes, artichokes, almonds, apples.

Bitter, spicy and fruity are the traits that distinguish our precious Poldo oil.

The unmistakable flavor of our oil has all the characteristics of a product of the highest quality, good for taste and for health.


The studies about olive oil’s beneficial effects can be checked here.