Monocultivar of Coratina

The characteristics that distinguish this precious variety of Olio Poldo Oil

The extra virgin olive oil Monocultivar of Coratina is distinguished by:

  • the fruity: the first taste of grass and green leaf;
  • bitter and spicy;
  • artichoke notes;
  • green color that can also take golden reflections.


This variety cames from Puglia, in particular from the town of Corato (from which cames the name) but is also widespread in territories of Marche.


The bitter and spicy that characterize it are due to the high quantity of polyphenols, which, by combating oxidation, contributes to a better preservation of the product.

For the oil, the olives are harvested just mature and must be squeezed within 36 hours to preserve the precious qualities making it an extra virgin olive oil with unmistakable flavor.

Olives of Coratina

On the other hand, the acidity of Coratina’s extra virgin olive oil is very low: normally does not exceed 0.35%.1.


This variety is particularly appreciated by more experienced consumers which in addition to bitter taste and fruity notes are also attentive to the benefits that it brings to health.

Research conducted by Chemical Senses Centre di Philadelphia2 show that the spicy typical of Coratina’s extra virgin olive oil is given by the oleocanal, which acts on the body as a true anti-inflammatory.

Not only that, oil is an ideal food for children as well. For example, linoleic acid (omega 6) contributes to a maturation of the nervous system. Acid also plays an important role in bone formation.

So, the consumption of extra virgin olive oil from pregnancy brings benefits to the child’s nervous system.

In general, the benefits of extra virgin olive oil are: reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar, prevent cardiovascular disease and some cancer forms.

The extra virgin olive oil of Coratina is also indicated for athletes: in fact it guarantees the supply of nutrients and at the same time facilitates digestion.

It also reduces gastric acidity and helps the activity of the gallbladder and promotes proper functioning of the liver and intestines.

For these reasons, the Monocultivar of Coratina Olio Poldo not only guarantees unique flavor to your dishes, but also great benefits to your health!


[1] The maximum value of acidity set for marketing of extra virgin olive oil is 0,8%.

[2] You can consult the study here.


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