Olive oil, a wonderful potion

It’s known that high quality extra virgin olive oil with the addition of lemon juice, brings considerable benefits to the body.

oil and lemon olio poldo

Among the many uses that can be made of olive oil there are some that help reduce some discomfort that disturbs the regular functioning of our body. The most common are: constipation, inflammation and joint pain, circulatory problems and the presence of excessive fat in the body.

These problems are widespread and concern many people of all ages.

It’s clear that the most affected by these pathologies are adults, who, because of their work and commitments, often don’t have much time to devote themselves to physical activity and they are reduced to a lifestyle that is too sedentary, which is certainly not good for health.

However, there would be some small precaution to improve day-to-day health of the body.

For example, we can support our well-being with natural remedies that don’t claim to replace the care of traditional doctors.

The use of quality products such as Olio Poldo certainly helps to take care of ourselves.

The benefits of a valuable olive oil are known to everyone, but perhaps few know how to increase their potential.

To fight constipation, joint pain, and to control cholesterol levels in the blood, just mix half a tablespoon of olive oil with half a tablespoon of untreated lemon juice.

Taking this elixir every morning (or at least three times a week) fasting half an hour before breakfast cleanses the body thanks to the detoxifying properties contained in both olive oil and lemon juice.

As a result, the internal organs also improve digestion and intestinal regularity.

In addition, olive oil is a healthy fat and regulates not only cholesterol levels in the blood but also relieves chronic inflammation that otherwise could last for a long time and cause serious damage to the body.


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