Olive oil, invaluable ally for the beauty

How a quality product can help us take care of ourselves

Already the ancient Greeks knew the various uses of olive oil for health and body care.

This important ingredient, in addition to the kitchen, can be used in many other ways, for example to hydrate and protect the skin.

After the bath we can spread a small amount of olive oil on the skin, better if still wet to allow the oil to penetrate better.

Also, a few drops of oil on the face are enough to remove the traces of makeup and the impurities of smog depositing on the epidermis.

By mixing salt, yogurt and olive oil, we get an excellent scrub for both the face and the body: naturally contained nutritional properties of the oil make the skin smooth and silky, combating the blemishes and retarding the signs of age.

Olive oil is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Therefore it is especially suitable for children and all those who have sensitive skin.

During the winter season, when the body is more exposed to cold, oil protects and feeds the most at risk parts like face and hands.
Dryness, cracking and redness can cause annoyance; Inflammations can become chronic if they are not treated in time.

When temperatures get lower, our body sends less blood to the extremities to allow a greater influence on the internal organs; the skin therefore receives less nourishment and consequently looks more arid and is also more exposed to the influences of external agents.
It is therefore best to protect your hands and face with natural fat, better than quality certified as Poldo‘s extra virgin olive oil.

A fine oil can also be spread on the lips, a particularly delicate area that may be subject to the formation of annoying herpes.
This true beauty treatment can be repeated every night before going to bed.

Finally, we can devote this treatment to hair. When they are opaque or off the hair can be revitalized with an olive oil wrap.
However, it is essential to use quality extra virgin olive oil as only these products have a high content of polyphenols.

To enjoy all the benefits of olive oil, it is advisable to buy it from local producers that guarantee a more advantageous price for higher quality.


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